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GIVT - A New Way of Giving

Needless to say, not everyone has cash on them these days. We mostly pay with our bank cards and paying with our smartphone is an increasingly available option. One can’t deny or resist these developments, but it does pose a problem for those wanting to participate in their church’s collection.   For this problem we now have a solution, givng can now be done contactless.  Download the GIVT app, register with your bank card, amounts can be pre-set for Tithes, Church Expenses and Mission Offerings.  Wave your smartphone over the office basket and the payment will be taken. 

Use the simple steps below to start giving with Givt:
1. Download the GIVT App onto your smartphone
2. Register with Givt and enter your payment card details
3. There are three collection fields on the APP;
    Collection 1 is for Tithe,
    Collection 2 is for Church Budget Offering
    Collection 3 is for Sabbath School Mission offering.
4. When the offering bag is passed round wave your smartphone over it and it will bleep and the display will              read 'Success'. Payment will then be taken.